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About the Book


Below is the table of contents from Sign Can You. You can read the entire book right here. Some links are in PDF format. These files are taken directly from the pages of Sign Can You. You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader to see these files. The HTML links are merely reformatted pages of Sign Can You. Not included in the book is a curriculum guide, which suggest uses for Sign Can You in the classroom.




Sample Video Clips




Table of Contents



Getting Started

ASL sign illustration video     Introduction
A Brief History of Sign
The English–ASL Continuum
Components of Sign
Facial Expression
Mime As Sign (PDF)
Right Is Not Always Right (PDF)
The ASL Alphabet (PDF)
                  ASL sign illustration video  
ASL sign illustration video     Space (PDF)
Classifiers (PDF)
Time (PDF)
        ASL sign illustration video  
      Questions and Statements (PDF)
The Senses (PDF)
People (PDF)
Pronouns and Possessives (PDF)
Opposites (PDF)
Sign Numbers and Money (PDF)
To Do List
      DVD Script (PDF)
Sign Index (PDF)


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