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Learn American Sign Language Fast and Easy


A simplified explanation of American Sign Language.

A small useful vocabulary to get you started,
with tools to help you learn the vocabulary,
and an explanation of grammar,

but don't worry,
the word grammar is never used.

You don't need to learn scads of signs to start communicating in ASL. A few signs are sufficient. In fact, we began learning our first language with one word. Likewise, you need only one sign to start using ASL.


The Small Powerful Sign Vocabulary

The sign vocabulary of Sign Can You actually includes more than one sign, but not much more. The number of signs to learn from Sign Can You is less than 300, and the Sign Index lists 1,325 English words. Amazing, 300 signs equals 1,325 English words. One sign can mean many things.

The sign vocabulary was carefully chosen for its usefulness in our everyday conversation. We communicate about people we know, our thoughts and ideas, our five senses, our feelings, the space in which we live and when things happen. These are the things we talk about, and these are the signs of Sign Can You. This small, powerful and versatile vocabulary will serve you well as you begin your journey into American Sign Language.


You'll Learn to Think In ASL

The sign vocabulary also demonstrates grammatical elements of ASL. Language is not just vocabulary. Sign Can You discusses how to describe the space of the outer world through the signing space of our bodies, how to manipulate signs to put events in time, how to describe objects and move them around our signing space, the importance of body and facial language and more. Language is not just vocabulary. You'll not only learn signs. You'll also learn grammar, and how to think in ASL.


The DVD Works For You

Three hundred signs may seem like a lot, but the DVD will help you. It's your tool for learning ASL. The DVD demonstrates all the signs. This will help you produce the signs. The DVD also includes 341 short messages using only signs from the book. This will help you recognize the signs and experience the difference between ASL and English. The DVD runs two hours and 54 minutes. Spending just fifteen minutes a day for 12 days will cover the entire DVD. You can learn it all without reading the book.


The Book and DVD Are Married To Your Success

You don't need to read the book, but it will help you in many ways. It's a short book of only 15,000 words. You can run through it in 2 1/2 hours. It explains the grammar that the DVD demonstrates. The book includes the complete script of the DVD messages that will help you reflect on how ASL and English differ. The book also includes an extensive listing of synonyms for each sign. The book will help you understand the DVD, and the DVD will help you understand the book. They go together for the purpose of helping you learn ASL.


Make Friends and Put Them To Work For You

Sign Can You will help you get started, but you'll need an outlet for using ASL. You're probably here because you know a Deaf person you wish to communicate with. That's great. If not, you'll need an environment in which to practice. Try It lists places all over the United States where Deaf and hearing people meet and communicate in Sign. These are good places to practice ASL and make friends. Ask around for a meeting place if your location is not listed on


The Book is Free

You can buy the book, but you don't need to. You can read it all right here. That's right, you can read the entire book for free, right here on the website, but there are benefits to buying it.

  • The book is 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches so it's easy to carry for easy reference.
  • The book has plastic comb binding so it lies flat on a table, leaving both hands free for easy practice.
  • The book includes the DVD, your essential tool.

30 Day No Risk Trial

Buy the book and DVD, and it will be shipped the next business day. You have 30 days from the date of purchase to return it for a full refund. You have nothing to lose.

Go ahead, take the fast easy route to learning American Sign Language.

ASL sign illustration and video   



                ASL sign illustration and video


ASL sign illustration and video



ASL sign illustration and video









ASL sign illustration and video










ASL sign illustration and video









ASL sign illustration and video







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