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To Do List

We have one last sign.


                                               ASL sign illustration video - DO


These are alternating upside down D and O – hand shapes.


There’s no learning without doing.

1. Practice the vocabulary by way of the video. The sound off is your goal.

2. Use the illustrations in the book as flashcards. Cover each page with a blank piece of paper and move the paper up or down to name signs for synonyms or synonyms for signs.

3. Get an ASL dictionary. I recommend the Sternberg version. It comes in different sizes, and it includes synonyms for the signs when appropriate.

4. Say each and every synonym while signing each and every illustration of the printed page. This helps dissociate a sign from a specific English word, allowing a sign to have its own meaning in its own language. And don’t forget the vocabulary between the illustrations.

5. Read the text several times over the course of time. It’s difficult to notice the intricacies of something new and complicated with only one exposure. The text will become more meaningful as you gain more experience. Bypass the illustrations while reading the text. It’ll take about three hours.

6. Sign each word while reading the “Sign Index.” It’s not important to get them all right. Associating dumb with “slow” isn’t obvious without the surrounding context. The purpose is to loosen the mind, and become flexible with both languages.

7. Learn about Deaf culture. Mingle and attend Deaf events. Read a few books on the subject.

8. Enjoy the conversation. Realize you’re a beginner, and not expected to be fluent. You’ll feel awkward at first, but don’t be discouraged. We learned our first language through a natural process without embarrassment. Why not put your inhibitions aside, jump right in and have fun? The more you communicate in Sign, the less awkward you’ll feel, and your Deaf associates will appreciate your efforts.







                ASL sign illustration video- LEARN



     ASL sign illustration video - EVERYDAY




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